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Friday, November 11, 2011

Supplies arrived - stay calm, Jan......

My order arrived yesterday from Dick Blick.

Immediately started making notes of the colors I had bought - mostly 2 of each.

For some reason I bought only 1 each of the metallics (?)

Conditioned the primary colors - cad red, yellow and navy blue with the pasta maker and started my color samples. I'll string them on a piece of wire for now. I'm writing the formula for each color disk on the back in pen.

My oven is working well, and the good part is - I can leave the temperature setting where it is and just plug it in and turn it on when I am going to use it.

You have to have a oven thermometer! These ovens are very touchy. I spent most of the evening watching thru the little glass door to make sure the temperature stayed consistent. (Tenting with aluminium foil is recommended in the book - Polymer Clay 101 - to protect against heat variances.)

For my super sharp tissue blade - I made a holder for it with a sponge - that way I don't have to worry about picking it up the wrong way, or dropping it.

My biggest challenge will be cat hair!

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