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Thursday, November 17, 2011

I'm on a roll - playing with textures and imprints

I'm now the proud owner of a "Collection" of Polymer Clay books! Three!

- Look, Learn & Create - Polymer Clay 101 - by Angela Mabray and Kim Otterbein

- Making Polymer Clay Beads - by Carol Blackburn

- Patterns in Polymer - Imprint & Accent Bead Techniques - by Julie Picarello

I have learned to do the Skinner Blend (I really love playing with colors - continually amazed by the variances).

I am working on layering colors. I stack the layers and then impress with various tools to make Abstract Art (ta da!!!) This is right up my alley....

You then slice the stack into thin layers - to create a series of beads or pendants in a series of colors that changes with every slice!

I recommend Patterns in Polymer - it describes this technique much better than I just did. I am also trying some strong color combos because of this book. So a big thank you to Julie Picarello for the inspiration.

Tomorrow is the day to cure my creations (it's been very hot here the last few days - tomorrow will be cooler and low humidity) - perfect!

wish me luck!

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