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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

You've GOTTA have heart!!!!

Especially if you are a Polymer Clay Artist and a member of the Smooshers Guild on Artfire.

Don't believe me? Here are some creative examples:

Valentine Handmade OOAK African American Character Art Doll

Charming is a one of a kind completely handmade character art doll. No molds or patterns were used to create his 10 inch tall frame. He was especially made as a Valentine's Day gift to be given to that very special someone. Unlike the normal bouquet of flowers, he will last so much longer, if not a lifetime, as a remembrance of how much you care. He has a soft polymer filled body, his extremities are hand sculpted. He is patiently waiting to share some shelf space in your home.

You can see more at:

Here's a heart for you if you are into Steampunk design!!

These steampunk earrings are a combination of polymer clay, copper wire and computer screws. They have been hand craft. Discs of textured polymer clay made to look like sewer covers and gears adorn the polymer clay hearts and copper wire encircle each one.
The hearts are 1" long and the earrings are 1.75" long including the gold tone ear wire.

You can see more at:

Here's a heart necklace for a nature lover!

Kathryn created this dragonfly and heart pendant to have the appearance of an open locket. She used sheets of liquid polymer clay that she cured with paint, ink, and metal leaf to form a dimensional veneer. The veneer was applied to a polymer clay base to create a frame and window for the charm which she also created out of polymer clay. She used gold and bronze pigment powders to create an antique sheen on the dragonfly before placing it in the window of the necklace.


  1. What beautiful items! Great post!

  2. Thank you - it was fun! and welcome back btw!

  3. Great post! I'm so thrilled you added my dragonfly heart, thank you!
    I love seeing how diverse polymer clay many ways to make hearts :-)

  4. Amazing what you smooshers can do with polymer clay!

  5. You found some really wonderful pieces! It really is amazing how much you can do with polymer clay! ;-)
    -Michelle of CreativeCritters

  6. Very nice post - I have shared this on my FB and tweeted it.